AOL radio – The end of local radio?

Services such as AOL Radio online radio, Pandora, and Slacker has become very popular lately and are still available on many radius gp300, portable devices such as mobile phones. Is this the end for traditional radio stations? I will be the impact of radio transmission in the landscape of radio.

Local radio stations seem to have trouble in those days. Satellite radio has been cutting the market share of traditional radio stations greatly in recent years, offers Mobility, many commercial free music radius gp300 channels and news and entertainment channels. In particular, online radio has become very popular for providing a virtually unlimited number of radio stations.

Many Internet radio services like Pandora now available on portable devices such as mobile phones and other wireless audio with corresponding applications. This adds to the mobility of online radio continues to be the trump card is the local radio stations.

AOL Radio, the has 200 channels of the genre more than 25 radio CBS uses as a platform below. It also provides access to 150 national radio station CBS. The platform “” underlying also has a function, the listeners, create their own radio stations by the introduction of favorite albums, artists etc. The individual tracks on each channel of the music are also available for storage allows an iPod with 3 party software.

Other online music services have followed suit and offer similar Individual music channels. Pandora and listeners can type in the name of an artist and then play music from a random selection of titles chosen by the artist, as well as other securities that are similar in nature or character. However, most online radio stations do not have the opportunity to fully customized radio station as “” platform to create.

Is online radio is the end of local radio? The growing number of significant reduction in market share traditional radio stations. Online radio radius gp300 is particularly useful for niche stations failed to broadcast because of the high cost radius gp300 of licensing and frequency radius gp300, space.

Although the range of pages is an advantage for the listener is also the diluted radio radius gp300 and online audio battle to win a significant number of listeners and be profitable. At the same time, however, the pressure to insert less advertising because of the lower Distribution costs compared to conventional stations. This made the content of online radio more appealing than terrestrial radio.

A major advantage of the local stations, even if the local content such as news and current events. In addition, local radio is now better audio radius gp300 quality through radius gp300 the use of digital transmission technologies on traditional FM radio a great advantage of online radio today. The main radius gp300 factors that ultimately the fate of individual technologies Content and convenience. Online radio and traditional radio have their own place in terms of offering unique content and provide mobility and comfort, there is probably no clear winner.

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By: Gunter Fellbaum
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