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It’s here! A simple way to great sounding HD radio for the car audio system

A company called DICE Electronics has announced that it is now a new device, the built-in HD radio car audio system exists.

The same unit is small, compact and can be taken to a car audio system in minutes.

DICE Electronics has walkie talkie radios announced that it has begun shipping its HD Dice, an aftermarket module that adds walkie talkie radios HD Radio function, a car in the car audio system. HD says the price is reasonable – $ 299 – and if you have a CD changer or satellite radio tuner that can connect to related The radio, you should be able to use this gadget. Dice said that the kit for the BMW, Lexus, Scion, Toyota and ship next week, the first GM vehicles in December walkie talkie radios and for Honda in…

The explanation of non-Techie’s HD radio and three reasons why I should be careful

Maybe you have a friend talk about HD Radio to walkie talkie radios hear. Or maybe you’ve heard one of these radio tag lines “that will be in digital HD crystal clear.” And you wondered what the heck is HD radio? The simplest explanation is that HD digital radio in comparison to traditional radio, which is analog. What is the technical difference between digital and analog? It does not matter. The only thing you need to…

Digital Satellite radio vs HD radio – And the winner is

There are a lot of buzz now about satellite radio, especially on Howard Stern Sirius Satellite Radio to go. When moving to a sense of Sirius for Howard because of his scatological language and on-air Hi Jinks, could simply not make much sense for most radio listeners….