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HD radio – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

If you are not familiar with HD Radio is the new digital technology by the radio as the next big thing, and El Salvador walkie talkie radios is pushed to terrestrial radio.


First the good news. HD Radio sounds better than the standard radio. In fact, HD AM sounds almost as good as FM and FM sounds almost as bright, clear and clean, as if listening to a CD. And because HD is digital, broadcasters can more people in the same frequency sign. This allows to spread what they call different is the HD2 channels. walkie talkie radios, For example, an oldies station schedule 70 songs and 80”en normal rate, and the classic rock of the 60s in its HD2 channel.

More good news is that, depending on who walkie talkie radios, you…

HD radio Roundup – What’s new and how much they cost

In recent months, electronics manufacturers a reasonable number of new HD radios have published. There is a new tabletop radio, radio, and even a new category – Storage Systems. HD Radio table The radio board new AGT, Directed Electronics, Electronics says, Polk Audio and Sony. In addition, Visteon HD Jump receiver says that the company should be easily portable from car to home and brought back. Polk Audio introduces two new Units. One is…

HD radio (Hybrid Digital) vs Satellite radio – Coverage, price and technology

What exactly is HD radio and how it works in comparison to satellite radio? You have probably noticed a growing amount of advertising promoting this new thing that you’ve never heard before: HD Radio. They say you can hear “Undiscovered digital content and audio quality. You have probably…