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The explanation of non-Techie’s HD radio and three reasons why I should be careful

Maybe you have a friend talk about HD Radio to walkie talkie radios hear. Or maybe you’ve heard one of these radio tag lines “that will be in digital HD crystal clear.” And you wondered what the heck is HD radio?

The simplest explanation is that HD digital radio in comparison to traditional radio, which is analog.

What is the technical difference between digital and analog? It does not matter. The only thing you need to know is that digital produces better sound, because there has never annoying interference snaps, crackles, hisses and pops often feel the same as with traditional or radio.

HD or digital radio enhances the sound of AM broadcasts to the walkie talkie radios, point where they are almost like today’s FM broadcasts. E FM improves to walkie talkie radios…

HD radio Roundup – What’s new and how much they cost

In recent months, electronics manufacturers a reasonable number of new HD radios have published. There is a new tabletop radio, radio, and even a new category – Storage Systems. HD Radio table The radio board new AGT, Directed Electronics, Electronics says, Polk Audio and Sony. In addition, Visteon HD Jump receiver says that the company should be easily portable from car to home and brought back. Polk Audio introduces two new Units. One is…

Digital Satellite radio vs HD radio – And the winner is

There are a lot of buzz now about satellite radio, especially on Howard Stern Sirius Satellite Radio to go. When moving to a sense of Sirius for Howard because of his scatological language and on-air Hi Jinks, could simply not make much sense for most radio listeners….